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Magnet of Ramadhan

i) The start of Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem to all. I felt that time passed so quickly, so do not know nearly 2 / 3 we went through the course of Ramadan. When entering the month of Rajab and Sya'aban, many are not looking forward presence.

Oh God, You bestowed special month for the slave. Thanks O Lord, God delivered us in Ramadan month embedded millions of privilege and opportunity for us as His servants to seize every moment of ramadhan

Owh for all who believe, fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed for those before you, that ye may fear Allah." [Al-Baqarah 2:183]

Ramadan is divided into three phases, the first 10 Ramadhan is Rahmat (Mercy), 10 second Ramadan is forgiveness (Forgiveness) and 10 of the last phase is the phase of the release of The Fire (Freedom from Hell)

1:10 phase early days of Ramadan has left us, when conscious, trying to keep an eye on what we so we should use the opportunity? Or does it go by without us filled with good deeds, devotion, and kindness and so on.

2:10 phase of the middle month of Ramadan as we tackle the course, remaining a day longer before we enter the final phase.

The last phase of 3:10 last day of Ramadan. We still have a chance to pursue and reach the virtues of Ramadan in the remaining days of this.

Prophet Muhammad said, "Whoever fasted in Ramadan is a believer and as addictive love of Allah would forgive his sins of the past."[See: al-Targhib II: 206]

Prosper those who strive in reaching pleased God! Would we become one?

Fasting Know toddle

Reminding the time when small memories once might then not know the purpose of Ramadan and what benefit of fasting, then toddle want to learn fast, toddle supererogatory prayer tarawih know, learning little by little. The first year of study how to fast, alternating fast, no skipping, then the next year trying to improve from the previous year up to age for a full month should fast in Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah, overreach for small children. The process of learning to know God. The best example is often seen by children is the mother of their father as the person closest to them. They learn from what they see. In the process of fasting, usually the mother will start to invite young children to fast. From there, the role of father and mother to support the little guys to together until the time of breaking fast.

Flexibility is given if they cannot stand, but their passion for fast already developed and will germinate day by day. Maybe at first, but the complaints of small children with learning day to day have become a habit for children to continue fasting, without complaint.Non-sincere sometimes it will eventually led to the sincerity and confidence in practice.

Month Special Award

In this month, the prayer room full Subhanallah more night. God's servants rushed to the mosque and the mosque perform prayers and then followed Tadarus tarawikh. From early morning, the buzz houses of God can be felt.Quran must be read, understand the meaning, should try to solve 30 juz of the month of Ramadan.

Society, God! Some take advantage of this as the beginning of Ramadan to change and improve in the journey beyond. In the loss of remembrance, which we need to discipline themselves refrain from things that can break the fast and can reduce the reward of fasting. At night is preparing to increase the love between the Creator and serve Him. Coupled with the Tadarus Quran, remembrances, and so on. Anyway, day and night full of easy-to-doubled tentative and reap the reward of His love!

Try to ask ourselves where our journey? Magnet Ramadan!

Word of the Prophet SAW: "Every practice the son of Adam (humans) were increased a good ten similar to the 700-fold."Word of God (translated): "Except for fasting which worked for me, but I it is who responded. He restrained devote leaving eat because I am." For those who fast, there are two happiness, which is happy to break (or spend a ward) and excited at the future to meet their Lord. By the smell of a fasting person's mouth is more fragrant smell of musk.[Narrated by Muslim from Abu Hurairah]

10 Last Ramadhan

One day we will enter the final phase of Ramadan. Sad state of Ramadan was about to leave us? Do we have the opportunity to meet the next Ramadhan? During Ramadan, all kinds of exciting bonus offers available that we can grab. The largest is Laylat al Qadr Award in which God is hidden when the horse.

Organized on us to improve the deeds, Qiam, prayers, Tadarus, retreat and so in the last ten nights. Society, God, very lucky people who met with a thousand nights of this month. As the journey through the last ten, his departure is almost felt. Sometimes we do not use the opportunity wisely, it continues to revolve on its own. We still have a chance! Let's use the last ten with increasing devotion to God, worship, prayer and plenty others.

Oh God, hope Ramadan time to give much sense for this thy servant, O Lord."

Siti Aisyah RA is eager to meet the night Power (Laylat al Qadr), he asked the Prophet "What happened the night of Qadar?"

The Prophet asked her again, "What will you do when you meet with the Night of Qadar?"

She said "I do not know." Then she asked "What should I do when meeting with the night of power is?"

The Prophet said to her, "It is a night which is good to do at night, and it is easy dimakbul He listened."

She asked "What is the best prayer to pray for me that night?"

The Prophet replied, "If you could meet and know that the night is the night of Qadar, pray, 'O innaka' afu tuhibbul wun 'afwa fa' fu 'Anni." (O Allah, Thou art the Pardoner and love forgiveness, so forgive me) [Hadith Narrated by at-Tirmidhi]

Syawal which will appear. Where direction after Ramadan?

More than 11 days, Muslims will celebrate the month of Shawwal. Son of Syawal marks the end of Ramadan. Is the excitement and festive felt worship this month also ended when he entered the night Syawal? With self-reflection. Come! We use this month as a reflection, correction and we are beginning a new journey ahead to increase the devotion and faith, God willing.

In Ramadan we fast month, God willing, we can also train for the fasts in other months. In this month, thank God we are trying to spend 30 juz Quran, God willing, in the days ahead, we have the opportunity to read and appreciate the contents of the Quran each sheet.

In this month, thank God we fibrous supererogatory prayers as tarawikh prayer, Taraweeh, Repentance and others. God willing, in the moments and days ahead, we can light Qiammullail, Taraweeh prayers, supererogatory prayer repentance.

In this month we fibrous charity, God willing, in other months also we can share the light and to extend some of the things which we have.

Overreach for the coming days! Starting 'point' we already started, I keep it? Come on!

O God, Thou art the Forgiving Lord, forgive us O Lord. Bless us in Ramadan. Make the beginning of this month for our good, and migration towards the better to increase Taqwa to You O God.

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