Monday, 5 September 2011

Good,Better or Best?

Alhamdulillah..thank God..You give me some strength to write something that maybe I can share with everyone...

"Good,Better or Best?"...anyone of us knows this is the usual phrase we used and heard in our daily life.It's usually used in our lifestyle-behaviour,works,dreams or love.. But the question is amongst this three words,which one can really represent ourselves?

Many of us wants to be a good person in any field of this life..
good son/daughter...
good husband/wife..
good mother/father..
good worker..
good brother/sister or maybe
a good lover?

Whatever it is,anyone of us must be wants the best in this life.But are we already achieve what we wants?

Maybe its hard to become a good person.As a human,there are many challenges we have to face in this life.It depends on how we face and control it.As a muslims, Allah's always give the tests to see how far our patience is.Sometimes,as a slave, we can't afford to face His tests(sad/,if we think deeply,all of this was only assumption from He.All we have to do is just try our best effort and put our trust in Him..pray and believe that He heard us without any doubt...then,we can increase our trust to Him and it is one from many ways to become a good person.

We live in this world just for a while..we will leave all the comfortable things at anytime He wants..if we a bad person,try fix it and make a good person..then add the good things and become a better person and increase our good deeds and become the best person.Not only as His slave,but a human on this world.

We knows where we are..wish we become the best amongst the best..Good Luck..Amin..


adi said...

satu penulisan yang amat menarik untuk dikongsi :) tahniah buat istri tersayang :)

Siti Haisah Mustapha said...

terima kasih abang tersayang..teruskan menyokong istrimu ini untuk semangat yg lebih lg dlm penulisan..=)