Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beauty of Love After Marriage

After a long life plagued by a love of lust, life as a teenager with no direction of the goal of life. I was made aware by God with the guidance and His love overflows.

Praise be to Allah who always loves us and loves us. Beauty of life is full of laws and legal basis and faith lines. Somehow manner life if I continued the never-ending lust flooded.

Want to make love a part of life. Common as young people want to have companionship. Ask anyone, young chief, the meaning of love?

For them, love is beautiful.Love is delicious. Various interpretations of love, if asked to teenagers out there. So Assalammuailaikum their views on love. I, one of the lovers that were once only thought of pleasure, silence, entertainment and friends. There is no religion based on love in the soul. Far from considering the one who gave love it.

It is not easy to receive slap in the lives of young broken heart. Felt like committing suicide, away from other human groups, so think of trying to kill someone.

This is the passion and suffering heart disease. Heart and desire are not based on reason. God has given us reason, which is one advantage not available to other living creatures. As humans, we should logically 100% in life. S.W.T He said:

"Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and (in) the alternation of night and day are signs (of power, wisdom and breadth of the grace of God) for those who understand." [Surah Ali 'Imran 3: 190]

I have been married to a man I do not know. After a broken heart with a man who once was I'm in love (love is not based on the religion of Allah). I decided to get married because of the mind. After thinking and analyzing all the sins and offenses I've ever done, I go to umrah at a young age (25 years) and at the time, no other until I find pleased God in love too I want. After the prayer intention several consecutive nights and I read Surah Yaasin few nights in a row (on the advice of a ustaz at home, mosque imam who is also the beloved father's best friend).

In fact, everything we want in this world of His creation we have to beg from him. There is no other power except the Almighty give him. I pray earnestly, seeking a pure love and not based on lust. Power of Allah, no one knows.

I met a man with studies in Australia. After three days a response message, the message just say hello and ask about jobs and education, questions arise about the marriage. I said, only the mother and father can be said about the wedding. Then, his father sent mother and inquire in June 2010. So promise bond happen wedding in December 2010.

Blink of an eye, trace the One so I admire. Never crossed his intention to marry a man who is not known. In the heart of intention, let the link love engraved after qabul toasted and rewarded.

Immeasurable how cheerful the day I held your wedding. Not the least doubt the beating heart of love and this gift of God Almighty. In fact, pure and lawful love is more beautiful that we have.

I am a poor man, never committed a sin and self-stains still rests in the past. I would like to urge all teenagers who still have lawful spouse, know, love before marriage, which violates the principles of God, a way of life in vain.

There is no love in Islam the concept of love. If the friends all at a great believer, and can keep the limit in the mixing of men and women love, I say congratulations! Never close to adultery! Although adultery heart!

If unable to follow the Sunnah and the teachings of Islam in fostering love, stop the love affair that brings sin and stain. Knowing, matchmaking is in the hands of Allah Pray, because prayer is the last weapon to change the destiny and the paths of life except one, which is death.

Believe me, pure love that we should great other than Allah and His Messenger love is love for her husband. It is a great love for all women and girls. No blame, no love is illegal in so long a righteous wife.

Touch his hand, Pahala. Kiss his cheek, Pahala. Check out his will, Pahala. Say it says love, love, and accompanied by friendly smiles, Pahala. Too affectionate voice gentle, reward! What else do we want to find in a world getting more sick of this, my friends, the righteous out there? Is not the reward we pursue? Heaven Is not our goal?

There is no other choice than to be a very unhappy wife, the dream of every human. For the good boy, a girl dreams to become a homemaker their lives, become angels in every breath the remembrance of Allah, subhanallah!

Look for pure love and the love supreme. Keep love passion, for love lust bare adulterers. Surely, Allah is great reward for the sins of adulterers.

"Truly Hell is an evil place to stay and residence. And those who, when spending (property), they are not excessive, and not (too) tight-fisted, and it (the spending) in the middle between those. And Those who invoke not with Allah another God, nor slay such life as forbidden (to kill) except with (reason) is right, and do not commit adultery, whoever to do that, would he have (of Judgement) sin (it ), (that) will be doubled his punishment on the Day of Judgement and he will remain in the penalty, in shame. " (Surah al-Furqaan: 66-69).

And now, I'm happy first love after becoming the wife of a very understanding husband. Love divine, we are building aims of Heaven. Beautiful love after marriage. Whatever is done to clean for us and a reward for the supply of 'there' later. Thanksgiving, praying and praying God has listened. S.W.T power of God can not be resisted. Try to find love from Allah SWT.

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