Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ahlan ya ramadhan

Ahlan ya ramadhan, so often we say when ramadhan to appear. Syaaban stretch kicks off and ramadhan arrived. For me, ramadhan this year I have fully infuse the spirit of making good in the month after ramadhan. Not only hunger and thirst, but God willing will be my trow out all allegations of personal desires. Feeling very excited to welcome the arrival of Ramadan is certainly also felt by all Muslims around the world.

However, liver little impressed when the students thought about what I had to celebrate ramadhan here. It is true that all students are among those who are dishonest. Cheated in life that is inserted into the wall. But for us as teachers in Kota Kinabalu Integrity Schools will wish they are able to become better and useful on race or religion.

Seeing that they had to celebrate ramadhan with limited here, makes me feel how lucky I was able to smile when breaking fast. Viewing enjoy ramadhan bazaars atmosphere makes me think about the breaking of fast food my students. They do not have the slightest opportunity to choose the meal breaking the fast but still able to smile at the arrival time of breaking fast.

Once I sat together with a friend, then I just ran out of money and can not afford to buy the side dishes to break the fast. I was just cooking
MAGGI chicken and frying eggs garlic as a meal breaking the fast. During the time of breaking fast, my friend was only slightly touched the egg and a pinch of rice and leave me to break fast alone. Liver slightly hurt by the conduct. Feelings not mean to, but limited capacity at the time, only able to smile when he saw a friend's carved out of the house passed.

If you think about those who break the fast with the needy, I was lucky when as he was able to eat rice with scrambled eggs with onions and MAGGI Chicken. Feel very grateful for the income provided. But what, we realized we were not the same. Some may be grateful for such delicacies, but there are also those who can not accept the meal breaking the fast-hearted like that.

I hope ramadhan this year is not passed in vain, so that all my practice receive.

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