Friday, 5 August 2011


When wearing the shoes to play Futsal in the ring, eyes stuck on a friend. Saw him take off pants length, smooth mouth pointing "why you do not wear pants?".
"It's normal to wear long pants play football, allergic," she said with a laugh.

Look, we reasoned that easy to brush aside the law of God. Whether understood or not, certainly we know that not a man-made laws which many loopholes.

When talking about private parts do not need to extend it to talk about the meaning of the language. Every human is to become a Muslim would have understood if the debate about private parts.

Ask the child within 9-10 years, they'll be able to answer men, her body between the navel to the knee. While a woman must cover the whole body except face and hands.

In Allah SWT says:

"Owh children of Adam! We have sent down unto you (for materials) clothing that covers your nakedness, and clothing ornaments, and clothing the form of piety that is the best. That is one of the signs (the grace) of God (and His blessings to His slaves), that they may (and grateful)." (Al-`raf: 26).

He orders a clear, protective clothing was created as a human physical embarrassment. However, the reality is different, and more of us today only cover the prayers. Meanwhile, when dispersed in the earth, without grudging expose their private parts.

They say this age of technology age. Non-time-wrap packaged yet. Today all fashion, there uncovered, exposed here. People who submit views, walk politely be left behind. Islam is not up to date with the times. Some think nakedness is covered with just the head. Sheath, the arm is exposed does not matter.

As a result, corporate dress code more covered but open. States also set an enticing application of the code because if he found it difficult to follow the laws work. Inappropriate.

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