Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I'm Mature Enough

Honestly, I'm mature enough?

I could not identify with the monologue. It seems adults still unknown word in every corner of the self. Once the center treats feelings on the beach in Kota Kinabalu, I watched a boy try to help a senior citizen of India to come down from the wall of the beach.

Heart infusion, why not me alone who help seniors to come down from the wall of the beach? It does not require a lot of energy to do it. Time is expect in the heart, it is my personality are mature enough for this and could not act with a healthy mind as the younger brother?

Almost every day I treat Facebook friends look, the look of this friend. Sometimes feel funny when thinking about the status of post Facebook friends. Some I can feel them put the status of post-maturity in their Facebook and there are also funny because they claimed themselves mature enough and adults in any case. 

These are some of them just had a week or two, a self-professed love is old enough and mature them in the matter. Well, as we always say, the young only once. But we realize this is the emergence of youth all kinds of questions and problems. It looks like a young person feel dizzy, want only adults quickly.

Being young is an obligatory stage in the academic life. If when we were at school, need to be at school before high school. The same applies to teenagers we need before adulthood.

They are very important in academic life. The question is just when we are in the teens alone, we need to think about adults? What should we do when young, we do when the old man.That is why there are people who looks old, but not adults. Similarly, on the contrary, is clearly non mature but claims to have been old enough.

Sometimes, i'm always think, how to become a true adult? Enough just to know who we are? I leave this question for you all.

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