Sunday, 7 August 2011

Beetle And Roses

With God's name ... Best to reward.

Whether your name is written there mahfuz luh?
Are you the one who would accompany the road to syurga?
Are you the one who will complete half of my religion?
Owh Muslimin.

Are there any you created for me?
Answer me this.

You'll never be able to give an answer,
Because answer is not in your hand,
But in His hands,
In the hands of our Lord God,
My Lord and your Lord.

I think of you uneasy,
Think of my Lord and my fear,
Owh Muslimin,
I'm sorry,
My fear of my God than my anxiety about you.

Pinch myself when the time comes,
Prior to that time, let me alone with him,
I'll love with Him,
Before i create of love between us.

Be your beetle is superb,
And pray for me to be a flower that blooms,

For that, I leave you in Him

Indeed I am sole trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord,
There is not a moving creature but He who holds the top of his head,
My Lord is on the straight path.

Have to grieve over this temporary separation,
If it's true that I created for you,
No what you can block them,
Until then,
Pray to God hope for strength,
Ask him with great hope.

Faith in God's promise!

Women who are infamous for the wicked men, and men of evil is for women who are vile (too), and women of good is for good men and good men are for women who either (anyway). They (the accused) was cleared of what was alleged by them (the accused's). For them forgiveness and a sustenance noble (Syurga). [Surah An Nur: 26]

Verily Allah will never waste your sacrifices,
When we leave all this because Allah,
Rest assured!
There will be something beautiful for you in later terminations.

And behold, the day then it is better for you, Than now (beginning), And soon will thy Lord would give His gifts to you, Then (heart) thou shalt be satisfied. [Surah Ad Duha: 4, 5]

Lucky you!
When God chose you to be conscious nature of the relationship between men and women.
God picked you!
Never waste this love of God.

So God inspired the soul of it (the road) wickedness and piety Truly successful who are made holy spirit And actually lost the person who contaminated. [Surah As Shams: 8-10]

Those who say:

"Our Lord is God" then they were affirming their establishment, Then an angel would come down to them by saying: "Do not be afraid and do not feel sad; and announce to them that God had promised Jannah to you. [Surah Fussilat: 30]

And when you feel weak,
Invoke the power of His
God is near,
Sure sure.

And if Satan bother with a disturbance, Then seek refuge in Allah, Verily He is the Hearer, the Knower. [Surah Fussilat: 36]

You and I are elected diamonds,
Pray I'm strong and resilient to keep my dignity,
Pray not the evil beetles destroy it before a halal arrived,
I also pray that in always protected by Him,

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