Saturday, 20 August 2011

Magnet of Ramadhan

i) The start of Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem to all. I felt that time passed so quickly, so do not know nearly 2 / 3 we went through the course of Ramadan. When entering the month of Rajab and Sya'aban, many are not looking forward presence.

Oh God, You bestowed special month for the slave. Thanks O Lord, God delivered us in Ramadan month embedded millions of privilege and opportunity for us as His servants to seize every moment of ramadhan

Owh for all who believe, fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed for those before you, that ye may fear Allah." [Al-Baqarah 2:183]

Ramadan is divided into three phases, the first 10 Ramadhan is Rahmat (Mercy), 10 second Ramadan is forgiveness (Forgiveness) and 10 of the last phase is the phase of the release of The Fire (Freedom from Hell)

1:10 phase early days of Ramadan has left us, when conscious, trying to keep an eye on what we so we should use the opportunity? Or does it go by without us filled with good deeds, devotion, and kindness and so on.

2:10 phase of the middle month of Ramadan as we tackle the course, remaining a day longer before we enter the final phase.

The last phase of 3:10 last day of Ramadan. We still have a chance to pursue and reach the virtues of Ramadan in the remaining days of this.

Prophet Muhammad said, "Whoever fasted in Ramadan is a believer and as addictive love of Allah would forgive his sins of the past."[See: al-Targhib II: 206]

Prosper those who strive in reaching pleased God! Would we become one?

Fasting Know toddle

Reminding the time when small memories once might then not know the purpose of Ramadan and what benefit of fasting, then toddle want to learn fast, toddle supererogatory prayer tarawih know, learning little by little. The first year of study how to fast, alternating fast, no skipping, then the next year trying to improve from the previous year up to age for a full month should fast in Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah, overreach for small children. The process of learning to know God. The best example is often seen by children is the mother of their father as the person closest to them. They learn from what they see. In the process of fasting, usually the mother will start to invite young children to fast. From there, the role of father and mother to support the little guys to together until the time of breaking fast.

Flexibility is given if they cannot stand, but their passion for fast already developed and will germinate day by day. Maybe at first, but the complaints of small children with learning day to day have become a habit for children to continue fasting, without complaint.Non-sincere sometimes it will eventually led to the sincerity and confidence in practice.

Month Special Award

In this month, the prayer room full Subhanallah more night. God's servants rushed to the mosque and the mosque perform prayers and then followed Tadarus tarawikh. From early morning, the buzz houses of God can be felt.Quran must be read, understand the meaning, should try to solve 30 juz of the month of Ramadan.

Society, God! Some take advantage of this as the beginning of Ramadan to change and improve in the journey beyond. In the loss of remembrance, which we need to discipline themselves refrain from things that can break the fast and can reduce the reward of fasting. At night is preparing to increase the love between the Creator and serve Him. Coupled with the Tadarus Quran, remembrances, and so on. Anyway, day and night full of easy-to-doubled tentative and reap the reward of His love!

Try to ask ourselves where our journey? Magnet Ramadan!

Word of the Prophet SAW: "Every practice the son of Adam (humans) were increased a good ten similar to the 700-fold."Word of God (translated): "Except for fasting which worked for me, but I it is who responded. He restrained devote leaving eat because I am." For those who fast, there are two happiness, which is happy to break (or spend a ward) and excited at the future to meet their Lord. By the smell of a fasting person's mouth is more fragrant smell of musk.[Narrated by Muslim from Abu Hurairah]

10 Last Ramadhan

One day we will enter the final phase of Ramadan. Sad state of Ramadan was about to leave us? Do we have the opportunity to meet the next Ramadhan? During Ramadan, all kinds of exciting bonus offers available that we can grab. The largest is Laylat al Qadr Award in which God is hidden when the horse.

Organized on us to improve the deeds, Qiam, prayers, Tadarus, retreat and so in the last ten nights. Society, God, very lucky people who met with a thousand nights of this month. As the journey through the last ten, his departure is almost felt. Sometimes we do not use the opportunity wisely, it continues to revolve on its own. We still have a chance! Let's use the last ten with increasing devotion to God, worship, prayer and plenty others.

Oh God, hope Ramadan time to give much sense for this thy servant, O Lord."

Siti Aisyah RA is eager to meet the night Power (Laylat al Qadr), he asked the Prophet "What happened the night of Qadar?"

The Prophet asked her again, "What will you do when you meet with the Night of Qadar?"

She said "I do not know." Then she asked "What should I do when meeting with the night of power is?"

The Prophet said to her, "It is a night which is good to do at night, and it is easy dimakbul He listened."

She asked "What is the best prayer to pray for me that night?"

The Prophet replied, "If you could meet and know that the night is the night of Qadar, pray, 'O innaka' afu tuhibbul wun 'afwa fa' fu 'Anni." (O Allah, Thou art the Pardoner and love forgiveness, so forgive me) [Hadith Narrated by at-Tirmidhi]

Syawal which will appear. Where direction after Ramadan?

More than 11 days, Muslims will celebrate the month of Shawwal. Son of Syawal marks the end of Ramadan. Is the excitement and festive felt worship this month also ended when he entered the night Syawal? With self-reflection. Come! We use this month as a reflection, correction and we are beginning a new journey ahead to increase the devotion and faith, God willing.

In Ramadan we fast month, God willing, we can also train for the fasts in other months. In this month, thank God we are trying to spend 30 juz Quran, God willing, in the days ahead, we have the opportunity to read and appreciate the contents of the Quran each sheet.

In this month, thank God we fibrous supererogatory prayers as tarawikh prayer, Taraweeh, Repentance and others. God willing, in the moments and days ahead, we can light Qiammullail, Taraweeh prayers, supererogatory prayer repentance.

In this month we fibrous charity, God willing, in other months also we can share the light and to extend some of the things which we have.

Overreach for the coming days! Starting 'point' we already started, I keep it? Come on!

O God, Thou art the Forgiving Lord, forgive us O Lord. Bless us in Ramadan. Make the beginning of this month for our good, and migration towards the better to increase Taqwa to You O God.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

It Is Possible To Making Changes?

It is possible? Is it difficult? Definitely the answer is not impossible.

But is not change, there are two kinds of positive changes or negative changes nauzubillah).

Suddenly the thought of a question.

Why to make a positive change is more difficult than the transformation towards a more negative?

Is it because the self is weak? Weak to resist Satan?

"And the evil ones really hinder them from the truth and they think that they receive guidance" - Surah Az-Zukhruf 43: 37

"Do not ever deluded by Satan the devil is surely an open enemy for you" - Surah Az-Zukhruf 43: 62

Breathe deeply. Take time, think a moment.

Whichever we rushed? The changes better or vice versa?

Certainly better.

But not for us to deny to make a change towards the good, the way mine peuh decorated with thorns, obstacles, teasing, testing, and all this is conjecture.

Sometimes for change is full of whispers and rumors people:

"Hey, why A wear hijab now, not before he was a minah rempit, must soon nie!"

"Thank God, A God willing, I began to change constantly dirahmatinya"

We must embed in our minds, we sometimes do not be influenced by negative words to ourselves, because if we are influenced by these words, identify heavy foot to step into a new realm, another heavy-hearted to do so.

Believe me, we know ourselves better than others, and God to know us from ourselves.

Not everything is sweet to go to heaven, because God will insert a little test for us, to test this yourself.

Does man think that they are left only with the saying," We believe ", and will not be tested?" Al-Ankabut 29:2

What is the definition of real change in ourselves? Are only physically or conscience?

Which will come first?

Actually, that comes first is not important, because the more important are the results.

If we feel physical changes such as stretch hoods and clothes is easier, then do that first, then we train the heart, one by one, if we feel the heart more easily trained, then the Practice it first.

Because the change comes from sincerity, and honesty. Insha Allah.

Let's start our steps together, because the door of repentance is always open. Humans always need a change because of our faith rises and falls.

Do not let the way we decorated the future.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Beetle And Roses

With God's name ... Best to reward.

Whether your name is written there mahfuz luh?
Are you the one who would accompany the road to syurga?
Are you the one who will complete half of my religion?
Owh Muslimin.

Are there any you created for me?
Answer me this.

You'll never be able to give an answer,
Because answer is not in your hand,
But in His hands,
In the hands of our Lord God,
My Lord and your Lord.

I think of you uneasy,
Think of my Lord and my fear,
Owh Muslimin,
I'm sorry,
My fear of my God than my anxiety about you.

Pinch myself when the time comes,
Prior to that time, let me alone with him,
I'll love with Him,
Before i create of love between us.

Be your beetle is superb,
And pray for me to be a flower that blooms,

For that, I leave you in Him

Indeed I am sole trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord,
There is not a moving creature but He who holds the top of his head,
My Lord is on the straight path.

Have to grieve over this temporary separation,
If it's true that I created for you,
No what you can block them,
Until then,
Pray to God hope for strength,
Ask him with great hope.

Faith in God's promise!

Women who are infamous for the wicked men, and men of evil is for women who are vile (too), and women of good is for good men and good men are for women who either (anyway). They (the accused) was cleared of what was alleged by them (the accused's). For them forgiveness and a sustenance noble (Syurga). [Surah An Nur: 26]

Verily Allah will never waste your sacrifices,
When we leave all this because Allah,
Rest assured!
There will be something beautiful for you in later terminations.

And behold, the day then it is better for you, Than now (beginning), And soon will thy Lord would give His gifts to you, Then (heart) thou shalt be satisfied. [Surah Ad Duha: 4, 5]

Lucky you!
When God chose you to be conscious nature of the relationship between men and women.
God picked you!
Never waste this love of God.

So God inspired the soul of it (the road) wickedness and piety Truly successful who are made holy spirit And actually lost the person who contaminated. [Surah As Shams: 8-10]

Those who say:

"Our Lord is God" then they were affirming their establishment, Then an angel would come down to them by saying: "Do not be afraid and do not feel sad; and announce to them that God had promised Jannah to you. [Surah Fussilat: 30]

And when you feel weak,
Invoke the power of His
God is near,
Sure sure.

And if Satan bother with a disturbance, Then seek refuge in Allah, Verily He is the Hearer, the Knower. [Surah Fussilat: 36]

You and I are elected diamonds,
Pray I'm strong and resilient to keep my dignity,
Pray not the evil beetles destroy it before a halal arrived,
I also pray that in always protected by Him,

Friday, 5 August 2011


When wearing the shoes to play Futsal in the ring, eyes stuck on a friend. Saw him take off pants length, smooth mouth pointing "why you do not wear pants?".
"It's normal to wear long pants play football, allergic," she said with a laugh.

Look, we reasoned that easy to brush aside the law of God. Whether understood or not, certainly we know that not a man-made laws which many loopholes.

When talking about private parts do not need to extend it to talk about the meaning of the language. Every human is to become a Muslim would have understood if the debate about private parts.

Ask the child within 9-10 years, they'll be able to answer men, her body between the navel to the knee. While a woman must cover the whole body except face and hands.

In Allah SWT says:

"Owh children of Adam! We have sent down unto you (for materials) clothing that covers your nakedness, and clothing ornaments, and clothing the form of piety that is the best. That is one of the signs (the grace) of God (and His blessings to His slaves), that they may (and grateful)." (Al-`raf: 26).

He orders a clear, protective clothing was created as a human physical embarrassment. However, the reality is different, and more of us today only cover the prayers. Meanwhile, when dispersed in the earth, without grudging expose their private parts.

They say this age of technology age. Non-time-wrap packaged yet. Today all fashion, there uncovered, exposed here. People who submit views, walk politely be left behind. Islam is not up to date with the times. Some think nakedness is covered with just the head. Sheath, the arm is exposed does not matter.

As a result, corporate dress code more covered but open. States also set an enticing application of the code because if he found it difficult to follow the laws work. Inappropriate.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Beautiful of Ramadhan

If I know, beauty of Ramadan, I do not go up in ignore. Ramadan this time I realized the beauty of fast, beautiful Tarawih prayers, beautiful taddarus Quran, beautifully charity.

Every night I visited the nearby mosque for prayers willing next congregational Tarawih prayers. Beauty is not recites the words.

Prayers Tarawih four (4) cycles followed by Ustaz invitation tazkirah then four (4) and offered the Witr prayers followed by three (3) rakaat. Total 11 rakaat, so every year the activities at the mosque near my house. Every day is an invitation to present Ustaz tazkirah.

"There has to attend the month of Ramadan, the month of blessings, God has made it mandatory for you to fast, open the gates of Heaven, closed the gates of Hell and tied the devil, in this month there was the best night of a thousand months. Anyone who does not seek goodness, he will lose benefits." (Narrated by Ahmad and an-Nisa'i)

"And fasting is a shield, so do the fasting person is saying vile and raised his voice or lash out. And even if condemned by a person or fighting to be invited to reply: "I am fasting, I was fast!" (Hadith narrated by Ahmad, Muslim and an-Nisa'i)

Indirectly, the practice increased the reward is doubled, the knowledge I gained. Alhamdulillah, God still gave me the opportunity to celebrate this blessed month with the filling of practice and knowledge.

"And remind, for surely the reminder benefits the believers." (Surah Azzariyat: 57)

"By the time, surely man really is in loss, except those who believe and do righteous deeds and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to patience."(Surah al-Asr: 1-3)

Ten days of fasting beginning I expect mercy from God, I hope the next ten days and ten days Maghfirah in the end I expect freedom from the Fire.

If before I waste arrival of ramadhan,
Now I appreciate arrival of ramadhan,
Each of your day, do not I just let it pass,
Even though a second,
I try to strains the melodious rhythm of the word of Kalamullah scripture,
My beautiful temples of the biological one by one,
Page after page,
Peace feel satisfied,
As the melodious rhythm of the echo.

If before I waste your departure,
Now I bawling your departure,
I long for beautiful moments with you ya Ramadhan
I miss Terawih prayers,
I miss taddarus Quran,
I missed the night of Lailatur Qadar,
I miss ya Ramadhan day and your dinner,
Love your day to fast,
Love your dinner to do Tarawih,
Love the day and your dinner to double the reward.

If I am given the opportunity,
Navigating're having a future,
I will not to waste my fast,
I will fill you're having,
In practice many times over.
God willing.

"Fasting That Part Of Patience."

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Take it easy Love

Every day we laughed.

Everyday we meet friends.

Every day we get what we want.

But ... why we are not happy heart?

We pray every day. We pray always to Allah. We bid earnestly to God. But ... how difficult prayer we want answered? While God is saying, "Call on Me, surely I shall hear ..."

What's our problem?

Our hearts are not happy because we never thankful for what we have. We never want to appreciate all the blessings we have. We keep thinking about the things that we do not have, until we forget to see the blessings around us.

We pray, but how hard is I agreed to God our prayers?

The reason we keep asking in God, but we never bid forgiveness of God, when our sins to God too much. It was not shame us.

We complain, we appeal to God agreed to our prayers. But, then we can forget the pleasure of Allah, we are not grateful to Allah. When trouble comes, then remember Allah is back. New want to cry, moan ... We ask Allah to view. How did God want agreed to our prayers?

Let us reflect our ourselves. Try to calculate, how many times we say the word thanksgiving in one day? I do not need a week, enough for one day. How many times did? If he have mentioned it ...

Once we wake up at night, prayers? Tahajud prayer? Prayers of repentance? Ever?

There may exist, but first ... time before school age. That, then have to tap with the warden, ordered up. After that ... there? Yes, I want to exam time ... result looks like there is a sense of the time I file aura. Ready for another prayer intention! Can then result that, there is no gratitude for the bow? Hmm ... It somehow, I do?.

The days we do well. We help people. We are a charity close to people. We do all sorts. But why we can not want to taste the sweetness of every action we do that? Our hearts but also not quiet. Why do ye?

Because in our hearts there is no candor. Oral talk faith, faith in other words. How is that? We help people because I expect a reply. I want to praise. Want to name. We ripples with every kindness we do. How the heart to peace?

When to success, we proud of what we have. Start wants to show off close to people. Up to forget who exactly to the success is near us.

What a shame we ... when God created us as the inheritors of the earth.

We are the best events that God has created so all the creatures fell down at our father, Adam, but Satan Laknatullah.

How God honored the creation of man.

But, we do not keep to ourselves. We forget our responsibility as a servant. We forget who created us. In fact, we forget the grace that is.

Prophet Muhammad, when the angels want to kill him, he is still thinking about its people. Ummati! Ummati! Until that one love Allah to us. But we ...? We forget at his messenger. True tongue weight we want to bless the Prophet. How satisfied we want peace?

sincerity our hearts. Bow ourselves to God. Grateful for the blessings that God will lend to us. All would not last. Whenever God can withdraw all of that. sincerity heart in everything we do.

Indeed, only God is powerful to assess sincerity of our hearts. God willing, we will be able to taste delicious halawatul faith itself. If you Calm down, my heart ...

Beauty of Love After Marriage

After a long life plagued by a love of lust, life as a teenager with no direction of the goal of life. I was made aware by God with the guidance and His love overflows.

Praise be to Allah who always loves us and loves us. Beauty of life is full of laws and legal basis and faith lines. Somehow manner life if I continued the never-ending lust flooded.

Want to make love a part of life. Common as young people want to have companionship. Ask anyone, young chief, the meaning of love?

For them, love is beautiful.Love is delicious. Various interpretations of love, if asked to teenagers out there. So Assalammuailaikum their views on love. I, one of the lovers that were once only thought of pleasure, silence, entertainment and friends. There is no religion based on love in the soul. Far from considering the one who gave love it.

It is not easy to receive slap in the lives of young broken heart. Felt like committing suicide, away from other human groups, so think of trying to kill someone.

This is the passion and suffering heart disease. Heart and desire are not based on reason. God has given us reason, which is one advantage not available to other living creatures. As humans, we should logically 100% in life. S.W.T He said:

"Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and (in) the alternation of night and day are signs (of power, wisdom and breadth of the grace of God) for those who understand." [Surah Ali 'Imran 3: 190]

I have been married to a man I do not know. After a broken heart with a man who once was I'm in love (love is not based on the religion of Allah). I decided to get married because of the mind. After thinking and analyzing all the sins and offenses I've ever done, I go to umrah at a young age (25 years) and at the time, no other until I find pleased God in love too I want. After the prayer intention several consecutive nights and I read Surah Yaasin few nights in a row (on the advice of a ustaz at home, mosque imam who is also the beloved father's best friend).

In fact, everything we want in this world of His creation we have to beg from him. There is no other power except the Almighty give him. I pray earnestly, seeking a pure love and not based on lust. Power of Allah, no one knows.

I met a man with studies in Australia. After three days a response message, the message just say hello and ask about jobs and education, questions arise about the marriage. I said, only the mother and father can be said about the wedding. Then, his father sent mother and inquire in June 2010. So promise bond happen wedding in December 2010.

Blink of an eye, trace the One so I admire. Never crossed his intention to marry a man who is not known. In the heart of intention, let the link love engraved after qabul toasted and rewarded.

Immeasurable how cheerful the day I held your wedding. Not the least doubt the beating heart of love and this gift of God Almighty. In fact, pure and lawful love is more beautiful that we have.

I am a poor man, never committed a sin and self-stains still rests in the past. I would like to urge all teenagers who still have lawful spouse, know, love before marriage, which violates the principles of God, a way of life in vain.

There is no love in Islam the concept of love. If the friends all at a great believer, and can keep the limit in the mixing of men and women love, I say congratulations! Never close to adultery! Although adultery heart!

If unable to follow the Sunnah and the teachings of Islam in fostering love, stop the love affair that brings sin and stain. Knowing, matchmaking is in the hands of Allah Pray, because prayer is the last weapon to change the destiny and the paths of life except one, which is death.

Believe me, pure love that we should great other than Allah and His Messenger love is love for her husband. It is a great love for all women and girls. No blame, no love is illegal in so long a righteous wife.

Touch his hand, Pahala. Kiss his cheek, Pahala. Check out his will, Pahala. Say it says love, love, and accompanied by friendly smiles, Pahala. Too affectionate voice gentle, reward! What else do we want to find in a world getting more sick of this, my friends, the righteous out there? Is not the reward we pursue? Heaven Is not our goal?

There is no other choice than to be a very unhappy wife, the dream of every human. For the good boy, a girl dreams to become a homemaker their lives, become angels in every breath the remembrance of Allah, subhanallah!

Look for pure love and the love supreme. Keep love passion, for love lust bare adulterers. Surely, Allah is great reward for the sins of adulterers.

"Truly Hell is an evil place to stay and residence. And those who, when spending (property), they are not excessive, and not (too) tight-fisted, and it (the spending) in the middle between those. And Those who invoke not with Allah another God, nor slay such life as forbidden (to kill) except with (reason) is right, and do not commit adultery, whoever to do that, would he have (of Judgement) sin (it ), (that) will be doubled his punishment on the Day of Judgement and he will remain in the penalty, in shame. " (Surah al-Furqaan: 66-69).

And now, I'm happy first love after becoming the wife of a very understanding husband. Love divine, we are building aims of Heaven. Beautiful love after marriage. Whatever is done to clean for us and a reward for the supply of 'there' later. Thanksgiving, praying and praying God has listened. S.W.T power of God can not be resisted. Try to find love from Allah SWT.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ahlan ya ramadhan

Ahlan ya ramadhan, so often we say when ramadhan to appear. Syaaban stretch kicks off and ramadhan arrived. For me, ramadhan this year I have fully infuse the spirit of making good in the month after ramadhan. Not only hunger and thirst, but God willing will be my trow out all allegations of personal desires. Feeling very excited to welcome the arrival of Ramadan is certainly also felt by all Muslims around the world.

However, liver little impressed when the students thought about what I had to celebrate ramadhan here. It is true that all students are among those who are dishonest. Cheated in life that is inserted into the wall. But for us as teachers in Kota Kinabalu Integrity Schools will wish they are able to become better and useful on race or religion.

Seeing that they had to celebrate ramadhan with limited here, makes me feel how lucky I was able to smile when breaking fast. Viewing enjoy ramadhan bazaars atmosphere makes me think about the breaking of fast food my students. They do not have the slightest opportunity to choose the meal breaking the fast but still able to smile at the arrival time of breaking fast.

Once I sat together with a friend, then I just ran out of money and can not afford to buy the side dishes to break the fast. I was just cooking
MAGGI chicken and frying eggs garlic as a meal breaking the fast. During the time of breaking fast, my friend was only slightly touched the egg and a pinch of rice and leave me to break fast alone. Liver slightly hurt by the conduct. Feelings not mean to, but limited capacity at the time, only able to smile when he saw a friend's carved out of the house passed.

If you think about those who break the fast with the needy, I was lucky when as he was able to eat rice with scrambled eggs with onions and MAGGI Chicken. Feel very grateful for the income provided. But what, we realized we were not the same. Some may be grateful for such delicacies, but there are also those who can not accept the meal breaking the fast-hearted like that.

I hope ramadhan this year is not passed in vain, so that all my practice receive.

I'm Mature Enough

Honestly, I'm mature enough?

I could not identify with the monologue. It seems adults still unknown word in every corner of the self. Once the center treats feelings on the beach in Kota Kinabalu, I watched a boy try to help a senior citizen of India to come down from the wall of the beach.

Heart infusion, why not me alone who help seniors to come down from the wall of the beach? It does not require a lot of energy to do it. Time is expect in the heart, it is my personality are mature enough for this and could not act with a healthy mind as the younger brother?

Almost every day I treat Facebook friends look, the look of this friend. Sometimes feel funny when thinking about the status of post Facebook friends. Some I can feel them put the status of post-maturity in their Facebook and there are also funny because they claimed themselves mature enough and adults in any case. 

These are some of them just had a week or two, a self-professed love is old enough and mature them in the matter. Well, as we always say, the young only once. But we realize this is the emergence of youth all kinds of questions and problems. It looks like a young person feel dizzy, want only adults quickly.

Being young is an obligatory stage in the academic life. If when we were at school, need to be at school before high school. The same applies to teenagers we need before adulthood.

They are very important in academic life. The question is just when we are in the teens alone, we need to think about adults? What should we do when young, we do when the old man.That is why there are people who looks old, but not adults. Similarly, on the contrary, is clearly non mature but claims to have been old enough.

Sometimes, i'm always think, how to become a true adult? Enough just to know who we are? I leave this question for you all.