Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Take it easy Love

Every day we laughed.

Everyday we meet friends.

Every day we get what we want.

But ... why we are not happy heart?

We pray every day. We pray always to Allah. We bid earnestly to God. But ... how difficult prayer we want answered? While God is saying, "Call on Me, surely I shall hear ..."

What's our problem?

Our hearts are not happy because we never thankful for what we have. We never want to appreciate all the blessings we have. We keep thinking about the things that we do not have, until we forget to see the blessings around us.

We pray, but how hard is I agreed to God our prayers?

The reason we keep asking in God, but we never bid forgiveness of God, when our sins to God too much. It was not shame us.

We complain, we appeal to God agreed to our prayers. But, then we can forget the pleasure of Allah, we are not grateful to Allah. When trouble comes, then remember Allah is back. New want to cry, moan ... We ask Allah to view. How did God want agreed to our prayers?

Let us reflect our ourselves. Try to calculate, how many times we say the word thanksgiving in one day? I do not need a week, enough for one day. How many times did? If he have mentioned it ...

Once we wake up at night, prayers? Tahajud prayer? Prayers of repentance? Ever?

There may exist, but first ... time before school age. That, then have to tap with the warden, ordered up. After that ... there? Yes, I want to exam time ... result looks like there is a sense of the time I file aura. Ready for another prayer intention! Can then result that, there is no gratitude for the bow? Hmm ... It somehow, I do?.

The days we do well. We help people. We are a charity close to people. We do all sorts. But why we can not want to taste the sweetness of every action we do that? Our hearts but also not quiet. Why do ye?

Because in our hearts there is no candor. Oral talk faith, faith in other words. How is that? We help people because I expect a reply. I want to praise. Want to name. We ripples with every kindness we do. How the heart to peace?

When to success, we proud of what we have. Start wants to show off close to people. Up to forget who exactly to the success is near us.

What a shame we ... when God created us as the inheritors of the earth.

We are the best events that God has created so all the creatures fell down at our father, Adam, but Satan Laknatullah.

How God honored the creation of man.

But, we do not keep to ourselves. We forget our responsibility as a servant. We forget who created us. In fact, we forget the grace that is.

Prophet Muhammad, when the angels want to kill him, he is still thinking about its people. Ummati! Ummati! Until that one love Allah to us. But we ...? We forget at his messenger. True tongue weight we want to bless the Prophet. How satisfied we want peace?

sincerity our hearts. Bow ourselves to God. Grateful for the blessings that God will lend to us. All would not last. Whenever God can withdraw all of that. sincerity heart in everything we do.

Indeed, only God is powerful to assess sincerity of our hearts. God willing, we will be able to taste delicious halawatul faith itself. If you Calm down, my heart ...

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