Friday, 9 September 2011


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Every human in this world must be wants to become the most loved and loving person..But what is the meaning of love?
                    There is many definition of simple definition from it is the feeling towards the person that we care. There are the  love for mother that doing many sacrifice just to ensure we will be able to "looks" this wonderful world. She is the one that breastfeed us,teach us about life,the only one that hear and understand us a lot when there no one listen and understanding what we mean. Her duty is very big and we can't afford to pay it although there is a diamond bigger as this world. Because of that, we celebrate "Mother's Day" and dedication of "Love you Mom" and "Happy Mother's Day"was giving to them. So that, we must listen most to them and love them as much as we can. This is called - Love for  mother.

                    How about the love for father? He is the only one person who has struggle a lot in this life just to provide us with the comfortable living and make sure that we choose the right path so we can become a real human in this life. His love will decide our future and how will we look like then. That is how our father shows his love to his beloved child and there is "Father's Day" celebration too. So, to show our love, we must obey what he said and never say "no" as long as his words is true.

                     There is the love for siblings. For those who has siblings, sometime there is hard to tolerate each other. But, when there is a full of love among us, there will no such problem. But, sometimes, misunderstanding among siblings will make we love them more when we apologize each other.

                     Besides, there is the love for someone that we care. It's called love for lover. Sometimes, because of love him/her so much, we hurt their feelings. But the intention is just to give the best for them, love them so much and never want a bad things happen to them. Sometimes, because of love, a human makes suicide. That's show how much love can influence our life. But, if we love someone because of Allah, we will always remind that He knows better what is the best for us.

                     So, we must have the feelings of love for the one who create us - ALLAH. So, if we love someone, love he/she just  because of Allah. Then, He will give His bless and our relationship will be protected from any problems and He will help us a lot in our life.

                     So, be grateful to Allah because He gives us the gift to love...thank God..

Picture credit:Google.

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