Friday, 9 September 2011

What You Want To Be?

Before entering the classroom to teach daily routine, I thought for a moment to ask my special students. "What you want to be?". This is probably the most common questions or even trivial to some teachers in Malaysia to ask for their students.But for me, it was very important to increase the resilience and spirit of my students to change their fate.

If you asked yourself, of course, we all have at least a desire to be pursued. If the school years ago, many of us and our friends will choose to become doctors, so the police, army and many more. Some even as he said, the grinning face and over-voice. Doctor! Police! Soldiers! Looks like the other students are deaf.
Be a human. More honorable human than the angels, when human was really a human.More humble humn from animals, when the human is not human.
But we are so when in the school year, we are so proud to tell others about our ambitions to reach the one day. But different is the case with my students. On average they aspire to become a human? I am a bit stumped by the answer given by almost all of my students. If this answers when our teacher asked the same question to us one time, sure we will become an object of ridicule in the classroom.

All my students to show a serious face when responding to be a human. Is all this they are not human? Serious and immediate response was to give a little questionable to me. But I just smiled to respect the aspirations of my students.

For a half-crowd, of course, ambition 'to become a human' is the ambition of the most belittle and play the best we've ever heard. In fact, would be some who say, "Oh come on, we are all human!". May be angry, may be ugly, is less certain.

How we can assured much is? Why are we so sure that 'the kind we' are all humans, not aliens, the jinn or devil? The answer given by my students is to give some effect on the liver. What least, with a little cheating was done in the past they have received capital punishment and the ambition to become a human gives a very deep meaning.

Maybe with the punishment given to give more awareness to my students to turn into a man and human who truly human. If first do a lot of dishonesty in life is now changed to become a human searching for true of goodness. This is because each of us wants to be a human. Truly human and not human in appearance only.

Writer : 
Ahmadi Katu Mahmud From + Saat Jiwa Berbicara

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