Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Why Me???

Why me??why not the other people?why??why??why??....arrggghhh..
Did we realize this is the words that we always heard and say everyday?or maybe single day?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

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   Why this happened?usually we always feel frustrated or disappointed when there are difficulties occurred in our life...we keep blaming others,or ourselves...keep asking "why" and "why"...

   That is the part of the life..there is no life if we not face any struggle or difficulties that will make us become more emotional person...Why?Maybe God just want to test the level of our patient and how far we can control it.Some people tend to take easier way.."suicide"..they think that is the "smartest" way to escape from the problem that they had..but,it was the worst way..and make the problem become bigger.

My dear Brothers and Sisters,       

    Our God will not test us if we are not able to face it...HE will test us same level with our ability to face it..let's remove the words/question "why me??"..If we face any hard things or difficulties,no matter it is in our work,love,friends or family, do not give up easily..if there is problems,why not we sit properly and talk nicely..try to communicate with them and the most important thing is "to be patient"..not every people able to do this..but if we try our best,yes we can do it..So, the question "why me??" will not exist anymore in our mind.

    Believe me, all the hard things ever happened in our life helps us growing every single day and become more independent human and think wisely in every decision we make and anything we other word, "matured" because of the question "why me??", we experienced this life...sweet,sour,bitter,salty,testless..all of them become one and called "spices of life".

Dear Brothers and Sisters,    

   We live just once, so we need to think not questioning "why" when there are something happened in our life..just do the best thing in our strong and smile..Do not worry..=)

"He who has done an atom's weight of good will receive his rewards, and he who has done an atom's weight of evil will receive his punishments."
— The Holy Quran, 99:7,8

Full of Love,
Siti Haisah bt. Mustapha.


Harimau Malaya said...

wah..mendalam betul maksudnya. macam terkena pada batang hidung pula. tapi kadang-kadang perkara ini terjadi boleh membuatkan kita jadi lebih kuat. mungkin kot??

Siti Haisah Mustapha said...

kadang-kadang memang berlaku dalam hidup kita..tapi semua tu akan lebih mematangkan kita..jadi,buang rasa marah dan tak puas hati..hadapi hidup ini dengan lebih tabah..peace..=)