Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sorry Dear...

Everyone has someone their love in this do I..
The one that I can laugh together when we are happy..
The one that can give an advise when I need some opinion..
The one that can share everything..sadness,happiness..
being a friend when I need someone..
lend a shoulder when I cry on..
being a good listener when there's anything I want to speak up..anything..everything..

    Do I appreciate what you had done for me?
    How do I appreciate you?

Sometime..I do not realize how precious you are..
Sometime..because of some misunderstanding,I forgot all your sacrifice..
Sometime..I ignore you because I was too busy with my own matters..
you still there...wait for me...patiently..with love..                                              
Sorry dear...
I know you have done your best just to help me vanish my tears..
I realize that how much you sacrifice just to make me smile..
There's so much advice from you just to make me realize my fault and become a good wife,good mother and also a good friend..
Everything that you have done for me,I cannot repay it...
Something that you must understand and remember most..
You are the best gift from Allah and I'm really thankful to Him because He send me some "love" to love you..
He give you the same "love" to love me..
I will try my best to be the best as Allah's servant...and of course for future husband
Thank you Allah..
You give us a chance to love..Alhamdulillah..
May this love will be lasts this world or hereafter...amin..   

InsyaAllah.. My dear FUTURE Husband

    I will cook. I will clean. I will shop. I will be the best wife, ever, InsyaAllah..I will dress up for you..
    I will maintain my appearance for you. I will make sure to be the best wife I can be, InsyaAllah..
    I will have children with you & I will raise them to be the best they can be..
    I will be the best mother, InsyaAllah..All this - as long as you promise me one thing.. 
    ♥ Help me, accompany me in getting to Jannah! ♥ Insyaallah ♥..

Thank You for everything...
Dedication for A.K.M


Fendy said... syurga

Anonymous said...

huhu..insyaAllah.. who doesn't want to go to heaven with the one they love :)

Siti Haisah Mustapha said...

thanks fendy..may Allah bless you..=)

Siti Haisah Mustapha said...

it's true muhd Farhan Irwan..wish u have a good wife..=)

Zikir dan Kontemplasi said...

Sejuk rasanya menyimak ungkapan shobat, sungguh bahagia suami yang menjadi tambatan hati shobat nantinya, semoga menemukan yang didambakan yang membimbing tuk mengantarkan ke jannah... insya Allah Amin3X.
Ditunggu kunjungannya, mampir ya.

Zikir dan Kontemplasi said...

Thank you for visiting, hope you find a good husband, which could lead to heaven